The Uniqueness In Using Subway Tile Glass And Stone
The Uniqueness In Using Subway Tile Glass And Stone

The Uniqueness In Using Subway Tile Glass And Stone

Subway tiles come in glass and stone. They both have their uniqueness on the wall. The glass and stone subway tiles have a unique way of adding more character to wherever you want to use them. They can both fit in for your walls in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and office. Visit to read more about Subway Tiles in Australia.

Over the years, people prefer to use glass subway stone because it is easy to clean. Although it is expensive, people still prefer to use glass subway tile. Glass subway tile is gorgeous because it brightens the space and enlarges it. 

However, they are both unique (glass and stone tile). They are well-designed to add more liveliness to your walls. To make them more special, you can combine both glass and stone subway tiles with other materials like wood.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be any doubt on which subway tile you want to use for your project. The essence of this write-up is to show you the benefits of using glass and stone subway tiles. We noticed that some people out there are confused about which subway tiles to use for their project.

Either you choose to use glass or stone subway tiles, you will get the same outcome of beautifying your walls. The most important thing is that you have selected to use subway tiles. The origin of subway tiles that started in New York City was made of white glass. Ever since then, the expansion in this tile’s uniqueness has made it available in glass, stone, and marble.

Thus, let us begin with the benefits of using glass subway tiles on your walls. 

Benefits of using glass subway tiles on your walls

  • Glass subway tile is beautiful: The radiant glass draws the eye and makes a statement no matter the size of the room. With various colours and bright finishes to pick from, glass tile is one of the most sophisticated, spotless materials to add a pop of character to your space. Therefore, if you want to cover your walls with something unique and beautiful, you need to consider glass subway tile. Don’t forget you can use glass subway tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • It is durable and easy to clean: Glass tiles are easy to clean. The shining showstopper is also highly durable. You can make use of soapy water with grease or splashes to clean glass tile.
  • It makes spaces feel larger: glass subway tiles can often make spaces feel larger. Installing a glass tile in a small room reserved for the kitchen or laundry will be an advantage. It will make the areas feel more prominent.

Therefore, the above-listed points are the essential benefits of installing glass subway tiles on your walls. If you’re looking forward to having beautiful and low-maintenance materials to cover the walls in your kitchen and bathroom, glass subway tile got you covered. It varies in colours, and it is easy to get.

Benefits of using stone subway tiles on your walls

Stone tiles are natural. Stone subway tile is a great way to accomplish the goal of having a home that will be attractive, catchy and comfortable. Below here are some benefits of installing stone tiles on your wall:

  • Stone subway tiles are durable:  Natural stone tiles are durable. They are complex materials that are reliable. It does last long on walls. More importantly, the uniqueness of stone tile is that it will maintain that original look for years on the walls.
  • It is scratch-and-abrasion-resistant: It cannot be easily damaged. It cannot be easily damaged because it is made of hard materials. It will take a lot of time before stone subway tiles can get spoilt.
  • It is timeless: There’s no specific period of expiration for stone subway tiles. It can never run out of time. Its uniqueness remains intact, even right from the inception of subway tiles. 
  • It is elegant and beautiful: It is made of natural stone. As a result of this, its beauty is incomparable. It is the type of subway tile that has been in use for centuries because it will make add a massive character to your walls.
  • It has a lot of design options: With stone subway tiles, you have countless options. You will have no worries about finding a design that will fit the stone tile you’ve chosen to use.
  • Its versatile: Stone subway tiles are a valuable natural stone for wall tile for both exterior and interior. You can use it to tile the walls in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and every other wall you want to cover in your home.
  • It increases the value of your home: When you install stone subway tiles in either your home or office, the value of the building will increase.
  • Stone subway tile is natural: They are formed from nature. Don’t forget that any natural substances are always unique in their way. Therefore, when you add stone subway tile to your interior decorations, you bring nature to your home.

In a nutshell, both glass and stone have almost the same characteristics. They are both unique, versatile and durable. I want you to accept the fact that none of these subway tiles can’t fit in for your project. 

If you have it in mind to use glass subway stone to cover the walls in your kitchen and bathroom, trust me, it’s a good idea. You can as well use stone tiles for both interior and exterior decoration. Let me chip in this, both stone and glass subway tiles can be used in herringbone tile patterns. Don’t forget a herringbone tile pattern is a zig-zag form of installing tiles.

However, let me just list a few glasses and stone subway tiles ideas in 2021

Glass subway tile:

  1. Giorbello glass subway tile
  2. Diflart glass subway tile
  3. Adedeo glass subway tile
  4. DIH crystal glass tile for kitchen 
  5. Art3d 40-pieces and stick glass tiles for kitchen and bathroom 

Stone subway tile:

  1. Natural Bianco mosaic tile
  2. Natural stone-look subway wall tile
  3. Calacatta Cressa marble subway tile